Poetry SLAM!

Så. För typ en vecka sen uppträdde jag på en poetry slam-kväll som en kompis till mej arrangerade här i Tel Aviv, och jag har tänkt (ungefär varje dag) att jag skulle lägga upp videoklippet samt texten jag skrev – och nu äntligen har jag fått tummen ur!

Temat var ”My first time” och detta var min allra första gång inom området. Jag har alltid skrivit en massa men uppträda med egenskriven text bara sådär rakt upp å ner, det var fasen lite pirrigt, måste jag erkänna.

Jag och en tjej som också skulle uppträda träffades dagen innan och ”läxförhörde” oss på varandras texter. Läste högt för varandra och fnissade hysteriskt åt nervositeten som började gro…

Precis innan eventet började flög den alltför bekanta tanken ”Vad faaaan har jag gett mej in på?! Varför gör jag såhär mot mej själv?! JAG VILL INTEEEEE!” förbi, men så fort jag tagit ton i micken släppte det och njutningen var total…

My first taxi ride in the holy land

”You’re not from Israel, you’re not that dark!

I bet you’re from… Denmark!

Russia! Germany?

Sweden? Oh…!”

The taxi driver transforms from ”yolly good fella”, to reserved and suspicious

I wonder what questions will pop up now, probably something vicious

”So, I heard there’s a lot of muslims in Sweden?”

Yes, here we go, getting further and further away from ‘The Garden of Eden

”There are some yes, but that’s not the main thing that makes me stressed

”Hahahaaa, oh you europeans are so naive – you see the muslims got bad stuff up their sleeves

“The radical extremists you mean?” I say, trying to be clear

He looks confused, and seems to be thinking ”oh dear”…

“Yesh lach yeladim?” (”Har du barn?” på hebreiska) “No” I answer and he gives me a grim

”That’s why you’re not afraid! But just wait and see, in a few years they will make your kids flee.”

”I pray with every fiber of my body and mind that I will never absorbe whatever it is that seems to make you blind. My kids will grow to love regardless of race and religion, I won’t let fear narrow their vision.”

He sighs and chokes a laugh, I can see he doesn’t even want to listen to half, of what I’m saying, cause it’s not his reality and although I understand he’s been through some bad stuff – I’ve had about enough.

I look out the window and feel tired of it all. Similair to how I imagine feeling if I would’ve repeatedly hit my head against a wall

I note how alike we all are, even more so now, looking at my home country from a far

How ironic that in Sweden I have to defend Israel because of bad media report

Trying to convince the swedes we don’t enjoy killing children or do it as a sport

”Why does Israel act this way? How much more should the Palestinians pay?

And this conflict, isn’t it getting quite old, why can’t you just do as you’re told?

And you, as a jew with roots in the holy land – can’t you just tell them to join hands?”

Do it yourself, you ignorant fuck, and while you’re at it, tell them they no longer have to duck

From rockets that are flying over their heads, making their children wet their beds

That Hamas is capable of sitting down for a nice conversation – that this is all in our imagination

Oh thank God, Hashem and Lord, that your “Little house on the Prairie”-character just joined the board

How I love to be caught in the middle, as the spokes person for this riddle

That people always assume they’re intidal to my opinion – they come at me like an army of small yellow minions

It’s not my first time, I must admit, this poem probably doesn’t really fit

But I hope I can come back when I can say

That “This was my first time discussing the conflict that didn’t end in a bad way!”


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  1. Britta skriver:

    Fan vad coolt! Vad duktig du är!


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